Category: Compressed Air Dryers
Product Code: 5000 Series Smart Dryer Membrane Air Dryers

Operating costs are 35 - 40% less than a refrigerant air dryer*

No electricity required

State-of-the-art membrane technology

Guaranteed 35°F (2°C) dewpoint - 13% dryer than refrigerant dryers

Guaranteed 15°F (-9°C) in air systems equipped with a refrigerant air dryer

Durable - will hold up to the dirtiest compressed air system

No requirement for costly maintenance contracts

Output capacities to 200 scfm (340Nm3/Hr) **

Complete system with prefilters, autodrains, and pressure indicators


The Only Way To Dry Compressed Air!

Now, there is only one sensible way to dry compressed air! High efficiency, durable membrane technology is quickly becoming the standard for drying compressed air. Parker Hannifin is leading the way with membrane technology that consumes the least amount of compressed air for drying.

The SMART DryerTM utilizes sophisticated technology to monitor system parameters and automatically adjusts the regenerative sweep flow as required. The variable sweep system results in significant energy savings and low operating costs.

The SMART DryerTM technology offers another advantage over refrigerant air drying technology as it does not produce condensate. An average 25 HP compressor system can produce up to 1,800 gallons (6.8 m3) of oily condensate per year! The refrigerant dryer condenses it into an oily/water emulsion which has to be disposed of at a high cost to you! The Balston® Membrane Air Dryer is designed to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only maintenance required is changing the prefilter cartridges twice a year, which take approximately 5 minutes and requires no tools!


General Compressed Air Mainlines
Process Controls
HVAC Systems
Instrument Cabinets
CNC/CMM Machinery
Fire and Sprinkler Systems
Pneumatic Controls
Dry Air for Hazardous Areas
Chemical Blanketing and Packaging
Electronics/Dry Boxes
Laser Optics
Spray Painting
Bag House Controls


Easy to install - no electrician required to install or maintain system
No refrigerants or freons - environmentally friendly
Complete system with prefilters, auto drains, and pressure gauges
Compact size

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