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The Only Way To Remove Oil and Dry Compressed Air! 

Now there is only one sensible way to remove oil and dry compressed air! Refrigerant air dryers are becoming a thing of the past. High efficiency, durable membrane technology is quickly becoming the standard for drying compressed air. Parker Hannifin is leading the way with membrane technology that consumes the least amount of compressed air for regeneration. Balston CMM Air Dryers combine a superior coalescing technology with a proven, innovative membrane system to supply clean, dry compressed air with a constant dewpoint to 35°F (2°C). The Balston CMM Air Dryers are available in 2 different models which can deliver dry  compressed air at flow rates up to 15 SCFM (25.5 Nm3/ Hr). The Balston Dryers are engineered for easy installation, operation, and long term reliability.

Product Features:

• Designed specifically for use with CMMs

• Protects CMMs from costly repairs caused by oil and water

• Ideal for supplying pure, dry air to Brown & Sharpe, Zeiss, IMS and MTI CMMs

• No heat or vibration generated; prevents inaccurate measurements

• Guaranteed dewpoint of 35°F (2°C)

• Requires no electricity resulting in lower operating costs

• Complete system with high efficiency coalescing filters

• Silent operation

• Minimal maintenance required

Customer Testimonial:

“Before we bought a Balston Membrane Dryer, we required two repairs to our CMM; the first cost $10,000 and the next was over $6,000. In the more than two years since installing the Balston Membrane Dryer we have not needed any repairs.”

Rick Nisula
Maintenance Buyer
Smith’s Aerospace

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