Category: Balston Liquid Filters
Product Code: Disposable Filter Units for Liquids

Filter samples to on-line liquid analyzers

Prevent cross-contamination of samples

Pressure ratings up to 125 psig (8.6 barg)

Temperature to 275°F (135°C)

Completely disposable, constructed of recyclable plastics


Disposable Filter Units

Balston Microfibre® Disposable Filter Unit (DFU) consists of a Microfibre Filter Cartridge permanently bonded into a sealed plastic holder with 125 psig (8.6 barg) pressure rating. The economical DFU offers all the advantages of Microfibre Filter Cartridges for high efficiency liquid filtrations, combined with the convenience of complete disposability. The 1/4” O.D. ports permit pressure-tight connections using standard compression fittings. Slip-on 1/4” timbing or plastic barbs may be used for low pressure applications.

The housings are available in two different materials of construction: clear nylon or corrosion-resistant (opaque) PVDF. The nylon DFU’s are designated with the prefix 9933, and the PVDF DFU’s are designated with the prefix 9922.

Model 9922-05

The Model 99XX-05 DFU’s are the smallest DFU’s available. They have an internal volume of less than 12 ml. the DFU’s may be used in low flow liquid applications or sampling systems which require short retention times.

Model 9933-11

The Model 99XX-11 DFU’s are similar in construction to the Model 99XX-05 DFU’s, but they have approximately twice the solids holding capacity. The 99XX-11 DFU’s may be used in higher flow liquid applications or in sampling applications where longer retention times are acceptable.

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