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Product Code: PSA Nitrogen Generators - Monobed Series

Savings and Convenience

The Balston PSA Nitrogen Generators completely eliminate the inconvenience and the high costs of nitrogen Dewars, bulk nitrogen supplies, and cylinders. There is no need to depend on outside vendors for your nitrogen gas supplies. The hassles of changing dangerous, high pressure cylinders, and interruption of gas supplies are completely eliminated. The Balston PSA Nitrogen Generators offer long term cost stability eliminating uncontrollable vendor price increases, contract negotiations, long term commitments, and tank rentals.

Once the Generator is installed, a continuous nitrogen supply of consistent purity is available within minutes from start-up.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Installation consists of simply connecting a standard compressed air line to the inlet and connecting the outlet to a nitrogen line. Plug the electrical cord into a wall outlet, and the unit is ready for trouble-free operation. This system is designed to operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

Once the system is operating, it requires little monitoring. The only maintenance involves changing the coalescing prefilter cartridges and final sterile air filter periodically. The PSA towers do not require any maintenance. An oxygen monitor to measure the oxygen concentration of the nitrogen stream is available as an option. An audible alarm signals high or low oxygen concentrations (determined by the application). The oxygen analyzer is supplied with alarm relay outputs which may by used to signal a remote alarm, open a backup supply or the process stream, or close the process flow for protection of downstream equipment or processes.

Principal Specifications - Monobed Nitrogen Generators

Model Number MB-1 MB-3 MB-5

  • Atmospheric Dewpoint -58°F (-50°C) -58°F (-50°C) -58°F (-50°C)
  • Commercially Sterile Yes Yes Yes
  • Particles > 0.01 micron None None None
  • Suspended Liquids None None None
  • Recommended Inlet Pressure 110 psig (7.6 barg) 110 psig (7.6 barg) 110 psig (7.6 barg)
  • Max Inlet Pressure 140 psig (9.7 barg) 140 psig (9.7 barg) 140 psig (9.7 barg)
  • Max Outlet Pressure at Corresponding Purity 80 psig @ 99.99 - 95% 80 psig @ 99.99 - 96.0% 80 psig @ 99.99-99.5%
  • (Based on nominal conditions & standard 60 gallon nitrogen tank) 75 psig @ 95.0% 75 psig @ 99.0%
  • 70 psig @ 98.0-95.0%
  • Min/Max Ambient Temperature 40°F/95°F (4°C/35°C) 40°F/95°F (4°C/35°C) 40°F/95°F (4°C/35°C)
  • Inlet Port Size 1/2” NPT (female) 1/2” NPT (female) 1/2” NPT (female)
  • Outlet Port Size 1/2” NPT (female) 1/2” NPT (female) 1/2” NPT (female)
  • Electrical Requirements 120VAC/60 Hz., .18 kw 120VAC/60 Hz., .18 kw 120VAC/60 Hz., .18 kw
  • MB Dimensions 29 3/8”w x 24 1/2”d x 78”h (74cm x 62cm x 198cm)
  • Nitrogen Tank Dimensions (all units) 26" dia x 54"h (58cm x 58cm x 130cm)
  • Max. Shipping Wt. (all units) 460 lbs. (209 kg)

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