Compressed Gas Filtration Company

In 2013, Proser achieved a medal award from Parker being an outstanding performing distributor in the region.

Compressed Gas Filtration Company

Proser (S) Pte Ltd specializes in the Total Industrial Filtration Solutions. It supplies, installs, maintains, commissions and services customized compressed air and gas filtration systems to separate the liquids and gases.  It also distributes the main industrial filtration components, the base technology separates and purifies gases and liquids.

Nitrogen Generators

Proser's custom PSA nitrogen geneators offer a cost effective means for on-site gas generation.  The PSA technologgy generate your own, on-site nitrogent of the highest purity. PSA nitrogen generators Balston Monobed and Dual bed Nitrogen Generators produce up to 99.95% pure, compressed nitrogen at dewpoints up to -70 F from nearly any compressed air supply.  The generators are designed to continually transform standard compressed into nitrogen at safe, regulared pressures without operator attention.

Compress Gas filtration system and components

Our technology partner, the US manufactured Balston filters is best known and recognized throughout the world for its expertise in separations technology and the range of unique and innovative filters.  Parker Balston has a complete range of filtration system for gases and liquids filtration applications.  

Parker Finite produces the components in filters, the accessories for different applications in compressed air, steam filters, high pressure, CNG and exhausts.

Parker Transair Legris is the world's leading manufacturer of connectors for compressed air distribution systems.  Transair designs, maufactures and Proser sells the innovative quick connection solutions including connectors, pipes and tubing, as well as accessories for compressed air, vacuum an inert gas.

What is a filtration system?

Filtration is a common process in almost every industry. It is used to remove impurities and excess fluids from food, chemicals, oil, gas and water.

Proser mostly provides filters for industries like electronics, petrochemical, food and beverage and water treatment. The filters can be used for a whole spectrum of filtration like compressed air or gases filtration, industrial liquid filtration and cooling tower filtration. We are widely known for its compressed air purification process and chemical, hydraulic, lubrication and coolant fluid filtrations.

Proser consults with customers to understand their requirements, assess and support them throughout their decision making and buying process.  Proser has direct relationship with major manufacturing partners like Parker Balston, Parker Finite and Parker Legris Transair for their cutting edge filtration devices. This enables Proser to provide customers with the most updated filtration technologies that bring about cost effectiveness and efficiency which allow our customers to compete better in their environment.

Installation and Services

Other than providing consultation, development and commissioning of filtration equipment, Proser also provides after sales service for the customers including the service and maintenance, part replacement and system integration.

Proser is a certified company servicing our clients.  We are best known to offer the solutions and services in the industrial gas.  Being value added services to our partners, we offer warranty program, in which parts are covered under our service and maintenance agreement.  Please feel free to contact us at +65 6280 0470 or for further information.

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