Category: Compressed Air Dryers
Product Code: IT Series Membrane Air Dryers

Offer a reliable, effi cient, and economical alternative to pressure swing and refrigerant dryer technologies

Require no electricity thus lowering operating costs

Produce +35°F (2°C) dewpoint, ideal for critical points of use

Produce +15°F (-9°C) dewpoint in air systems with existing refrigerated air dryers

No moving parts

Silent operation

No desiccant to change



Food processing and automation

Electronics/Dry Boxes

Coordinate Measurement Machines

Critical Pneumatic Valves

Protection of Pneumatic Instrumentation

Low Dewpoint Instrument Air

Pneumatic Equipment

Dry Air for Hazardous Areas

IT Series Membrane Dryers

There are many variables that will affect the output specification of compressed air. By the time air reaches all its intended point of use, changes in pressure and temperature can contribute to potential contamination. As capital equipment tolerances become tighter and more sensitive to this contamination, maintenance costs will escalate if equipment is not adequately protected. In cases where standard air fi ltration is not sufficient or where the reliability, performance and operating cost of older dryer technologies is becoming more significant, a Balston Membrane Dryer provides a reliable and economical alternative.

IT Series Point of Use Membrane Dryers

Balston Membrane Air Dryers combine superior coalescing filtration technology with a proven, innovative membrane system to supply clean, dry, +35°F (2°C) dewpoint compressed air. If the house compressed air is equipped with a refrigerated dryer, the dewpoint drops to +15°F (-9°C). The Balston Membrane Dryers are available in 8 different models which can deliver compressed air at fl ow rates up to 100 SCFM (170 NM3/Hr) . dewpoint. The systems are engineered for easy installation, operation, and long term reliability. By incorporating high efficiency coalescing filtration and the highest efficiency membrane available, the systems provide low cost operation with the lowest minimal maintenance.

* If the house compressed air is equipped with a refrigerated dryer, the dewpoint drops to +15°F (-9°C).

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